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You have the budget to buy a business in Canada. You have talked to the business owner. Now, prepare yourself to face legal challenges arising from leaseholds, environmental issues, corporate ownership, or tenant claims.

With the process of financial risk and complexity, a corporate law firm can assist everyone from start to finish.

When searching for professionals that specialize in a corporate law firm in Red Deer, you came to the right place! We have helped thousands of corporations throughout the years. Our team composes of the best and the most sought-after lawyers in the field. We’re also committed to providing relevant and reliable legal services. We follow the industry’s practices to exceed the client’s requirements and needs.

Here’s our expertise:

Handle every Transaction Detail – Buying and determining the value of the business is tricky. But it has become convenient with the leading legal expert in the country.

From purchase requirements to the acquisition, our lawyers can handle them all. The team ensures the business is legally sound.  Also, we assist the transfer of necessary permits and other licenses.

Specialize in Employment Agreement – After the purchase requirements, acquisition, and transfer of permits, our Red Deer law firm now prepares an employment agreement to guarantee non-disclosure clauses, protect the business, and keep any trade information confidential.

Which is better between retaining and laying off employees? We assist our clients in making the right and legally sounding decisions.

Draft Contracts – Working with clients, suppliers, customers, and contractors require drafting a contract. Handling the process, yourself, is not realistic and possible. Our highly dedicated team is here to help. We understand your needs and prepare the standard form of contract.

Help you Choose the Best Business Structure – There are different business structures such as a limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship, and corporation.

What’s the best structure? Our competitive specialists guide new and experienced business owners throughout the process. Then, we orient everyone about the tax obligations, ongoing expenses, setup fees, ease of acquiring funds, and personal liabilities.

Have the Experience in Real Estate – Let’s admit it! Leasing offices, retail stores, and other commercial spaces can be risky and complex. It is drafted in favor of landlords. Don’t worry! We’ll negotiate the lease and prepare a tenant’s provisions that benefit both parties.

What Makes Our Red Deer Lawyers Stand Apart From the Rest?

Licenses and Taxes An accountant is responsible for preparing and filing the annual tax returns. A Red Deer corporate lawyer is an expert to register a business for relevant tax identification numbers and understand the tax implications of related transactions. Getting necessary licenses has also been our expertise.

Intellectual Property – Aside from preparing licenses, we help our clients register the services and products for trademark or copyright protection.

Exit Strategies – It is imperative to prepare an exit strategy to protect all investors in case the owner dies. As the go-to corporate lawyers, we draft the costs and procedure.

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