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Do you require a Red Deer lawyer who could defend and represent you in the court? You can count on our Red Deer law firm for a reliable and trustworthy administrative law services today! We are an established law firm that has been serving clients throughout the region for many years.

Our Red Deer law firm is dedicated to civil trials in a broad spectrum of areas, including business disputes, legal malpractice, and medical malpractice. We also protect in administrative hearings before the OAH, Attorney General, and different licensing boards.

Why don’t you take advantage of our law services today? You can rest assured our well-versed and experienced lawyers will manage all of your needs. Supported by our extensive experience, our team provides the vital expert preparation required to represent administrative clients who appear before tribunals.

Our Red Deer administrative law group represents adjudicative panels, members, and regulators in professional discipline matter. In specific, our lawyers:

  •   Represent members who are subject to complaints within their profession
  •   Offer assistance and advice to discipline panels tasked with making decisions and running hearings
  • ·   Help regulators in prosecuting professional discipline cases

Industry and Client Challenges

Public and government programs run massively through different agencies, such as divisions, departments, commissions, and boards at the city, county, state, and federal levels. Such agencies frequently have unique regulations and guidelines, as well as complicated appeals, claims, investigations, and grievances processes.

Individuals and businesses engaging with government agencies look for trusted counsel to help them through complex agency proceedings and help in making compliant processes and business models.

Our Red Deer administrative lawyers  has one of the most trusted and biggest administrative practice groups in the country. We know that government regulation has a massive effect on the operations and structure of the company. We also understand it could be a vital factor in strategic business planning.

Our lawyers represent both private and public clients before local, state, and federal administrative agencies and in decision appeal processes. Our law firm takes pride in our long track of record of building efficient regulatory compliance programs for the businesses of our clients.

Why Our Clients Choose Us For Their Administrative Needs In Red Deer

  •   Experienced & Involved

Our group is composed of different Red Deer lawyers that hold enforcement, policy, and high-level legal positions with different governmental agencies. Few of our attorneys have been known as leaders within their field. They are called upon to lecture and write on regulatory, administrative, and procurement subjects.

Our law firm in Red Deer issues prompt legal alerts as well on new trends and regulations influencing our clients. We know that up-to-date compliance measures could save our clients substantial resources and time down the road.

  •   Comprehensive Approach

Lawyers practicing in our administrative group have long years of experience in serving the government. They focus their practice in a wide array of complementary areas such as utilities, energy, securities, corporate, natural and environmental resources, professional licensure, criminal law, and corporate governance, among others.

When needed, our Red Deer lawyers call upon the varied practice areas and backgrounds of their colleagues to seek dynamic and creative solutions for even the most complicated administrative and regulatory-related legal matters.

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